The Promise
  • A full service package deal.

  • Innovations and engineering, that's our core. Innovation is more than a word for us, it is what we live for! Our Research & Development is the engine of our firm. Together with marketing, our designers create the products that sell well.

  • Our responsibility is to search the best deal for you, not only what to produce but also how to bring it to the market, in a most profitable way for you.

  • We never forget about Total Quality Management: incoming and outgoing quality control on every detail of the products and the service.

  • The best materials all over the world, united into houseware products.

  • Anotech International is focused on clad and aluminium materials: What we provide is a constant search for high quality materials, new combinations of existing ones and new treatments all translated into beautifully designed, functional houseware products.

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